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Elf shoot 2020

Elfenshoot 2020.jpg

Step into a fairytale world and unleash the model in you. Our photographers are ready to take a magical picture of you. 

On the edge of the heath and the forest is a forest lake with a fairytale appearance. Here we are going to take the pictures. The temperature of the water is wonderful. You can also take beautiful pictures in the water. Do you like this? Then bring two appropriate suits. One that can get completely wet. The costumes are elfin, creatures that live around the elf. This is what we want to portray on this shoot. Nature, elves and animal creatures from the fantasy forest. Make your costume something special.  


Photographers do not go out with a model, but regularly change models.

Children are most welcome as models. Of course accompanied by an adult. Accompanying persons or helpers (the men/women needed to hoist the model into a costume) must also buy a ticket for € 14.95. This includes lunch.


Costume ideas



There is currently room for 18  models and 15 photographers


Fashion model:

  1. Bep Welters (MUA)

  2. Namira Boyce Mifflin (MUA)

  3. Marleen Beunk (MUA)

  4. Wilco Willems

  5. Janette Koenders de Wilde

  6. Mark van Mierlo

  7. Daan Fillings

  8. Patricia Koster-Klappe

  9. Fien Kuijvenhoven

  10. Wim Kuijvenhoven

  11. Hannelore Kuperus

  12. shireen,  Jaylin Heilig (3 years) Isabella Heilig (5 years)

  13. Astrid Bakker and Iris Bakker (4 years)

  14. Marianne Vos (MUA)

  15. Vanessa van der Plough (MUA)

  16. Kim Huisman

  17. Monique Bronkhof

  18. Kersty



  1. Margo Veldhuizen

  2. Joop Veldhuizen

  3. Rita Kramer

  4. Brain Morgan

  5. Agnes Noppen

  6. Rene Filling

  7. Yvon Bosveld 2x

  8. Gonnie Beers-Autumn

  9. Willem Beers (Videographer)

  10. Jac Lammers

  11. Cees Kelder

  12. Roger Kersten

  13. Valqueira Van Der Does..

  14. Robert Kroon

  15. Hans Bazelmans

  16. Adrian Kastelein



  1. Peter van Mierlo

  2. Kees Heilig


As you can expect from us, we stick to the guidelines of the RIVM.


NB! The meeting point is not at Bepstyle, but at the following location:


The lake Loofles Kootwijk


You can park here:


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