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45094 flatcap Patch

Alfonso D'Este's authenticating logo
Each hat is unique and can slightly differ from photos

8 vaks pet beige

Productcode: 45024
€ 98,00Prijs
  • The Company was born from the great passion of its founders, who have supervised secrets and know-how since four generations.
    Passion, love and brilliance have allowed the families to exceed not only national boundaries, but also European ones.
    Experience, perseverance, courage and passion have given shape to our guiding spirit, which has always stayed with us.
    Today, new creative minds have added innovation, attention to details, and increasingly modern design, to the oldest accessory.

    The hats are designed and maked in Italy


    Alfonso D’Este offers a hat which combines tailored roots and a contemporary fashion spirit.
    Not by chance, the name of the brand refers to The Duke Alfonso D’Este , one of the smartest nobleman in the ‘400.

    The classic and refined essence is combined with a sporty and daily spirit. This combination gives shape to a singular product, whose high-quality fabrics and innovative shapes make it stand out.

    The Brand was born in the early 2000s. Today, it has reflected the identity of a new generation, characterised by unlimited facets and contradictions.

    We have developed and distributed on international markets a brand which was born from the research and passion for our job.

    Alfonso D’Este distinguish itself for its refined and sought-after garments, unexpected details, and high-quality fabrics, bringing sartorial quality to everyday life.


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