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Antje Art

At Bepstyle you will find various headdresses from this artist. Most of the headdresses are therefore worn on the Newyourk fashion week

Antje Art about me Bio

I made art since im a kid. I loved to draw and create. I studied grafik design and learned photography. I also learned social work to help people and to support kids confidence with art.

I am singer so I always created my costumes for festivals and the stage. People start asking for creating headpieces and costumes for them. I founded my brand "Antje Art". It unites my several skills and shows me as a creative fantasy loving artist.

The artist Bep Welters saw me on festivals and invited me to fotoshootings. Thats why the designer and producer Rojen Morris found me online and invited me to create headdresses for her couture collections. She believed in me and gave me all the opportunity I have now. Star Dreamers Productions Runway International brought me to New York and its my biggest honour to work at the New York Fashion Week with designers from all over the world and models from all ages and sizes. To support diversity is most important for me and it is a big honour to be a part.

My own collection "Elfen Art" has been on the runway SDP New York Fashion Week 2023.

"Elfen Art" means translated the "The way of the fairys". It shall give you the feeling that you can be free and express yourself, feel confident and free from any expectations. YOU are perfect just the way you are!

It is a fantasy world in every piece I create. I want to enchant and to inspire the inner spark in all of us by immerse yourself in this magical world.

My website:

My Facebook: Antje Art

My instagram: antje_art_

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